Do I have TPD insurance in my super policy?

Can I find TPD insurance in my super policy?

Finding out about TPD insurance in your super policy can be a surprise. Too many Australians are unaware that it’s even an option for financial relief.

What is TPD insurance?

TPD insurance is included in a super policy to help Australians who are forced out of work by illness or injury. This insurance is included by default in 90% of Australian super policies but many people don’t know it exists. Because these claims are part of superannuation policies, they are also known as “super claims”. If an illness or injury has forced you to stop working in the job you are qualified for, you may be entitled to claim a lump sum payment.

With all the other headaches that go with a major illness or injury, it can be tough to make a successful claim without help. Our team has over 25 years in winning TPD Claims so we manage the whole process for you.

Don’t waste time travelling to the city to get the help you need!

Because we help people all around Australia, all the work is done by phone. Our simple process will figure out if you qualify over the phone. The Super Claims Assist team can explain the process and answer any questions over the phone. We can even collect all necessary documents over the phone.

You don’t have to make a trip anywhere to get your full super insurance payout.

Our team has helped people win TPD claims from their super insurance in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Perth along with cities and towns all over Australia without leaving their house.

We help track down your old super policies and check the particulars of your individual TPD insurance policies from wherever you are in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory.

Time limits usually apply so don’t wait to claim your insurance!

In many policies, there is a waiting period that must pass before you are eligible to claim. We know how to maximise this waiting period so that your claim is ready to be submitted as soon as your time limit is up.

Poorly prepared TPD claims can take over a year or more and may even be rejected.

We understand that you need the super insurance money ASAP and have the processes and experience working with insurance companies to speed up the process.

Our no win / no fee agreement means that you have security while we assist you through your super claim.

Does the TPD insurance in my super cover my specific illness/injury?

TPD insurance typically covers you for every medical condition that forces you out of the workforce. If you had to stop doing the job you were qualified for, the TPD insurance in your super policy probably applies.

What are examples of medical conditions that can be eligible for TPD claims?

Some examples of tpd claims for health conditions include, back injuries, fibromyalgia, mental health, lung disease, crush injuries and carpal tunnel but our team has helped Australians with many others. The best option is to talk to a new claim specialist to discuss your specific situation.

How can I check if I have TPD insurance in my super policy?

You could review your super policy yourself to check but it can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Digging through the legal jargon to look for the policy isn’t fun but it is well worth checking! Our team of new claim specialists is happy to guide you through your policy check during a free phone chat.

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