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Common questions about TPD insurance claims

Our team talks to hundreds of Australians every week about whether they can and should make a TPD insurance claim.

We hear worries about the time and effort involved in a claim, rejected claims, and whether it will affect your Centrelink payments. Don’t worry, TPD is totally separate from Centrelink.

These are concerns we understand and can answer below or on the phone with one of our helpful new client support team.

What is TPD?

TPD in Australia means Total and Permanent Disablement insurance. Almost all Australian superannuation policies include this insurance. It can be a massive help if illness or injury force you to stop working.
Our team talks to people who ask “what is TPD?” every day
It’s also known as total and permanent disability insurance and if you qualify, you can get a lump sum TPD payout. So if you had a super policy while you were working, it’s important to check if you have unclaimed insurance money sitting in your super account.

What is a TPD insurance claim?

Australian TPD claims involve claiming the Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance that is part of almost all superannuation policies in Australia.
To successfully claim your TPD insurance, you must provide evidence that your illness or injury has forced you out of work. This evidence and some other documents must be sent to your super fund for you to receive your lump sum tpd payout.
How do I make a TPD insurance claim?.

Is it worth trying to make a TPD Claim?

Yes! Claiming the insurance, you paid for out of your hard-earned retirement savings is the only way to regain the money you deserve when you’re unable to work.
Each super fund is slightly different, so the amount of lump sum insurance money to be claimed varies. We can help you find exactly how much you should claim.
The big problem is that often the insurance companies hold onto your money for years longer than they should. This makes it seem too hard to claim.
With support from our expert team, we make it easy for you to get the money you deserve to get financial relief.

What should I do if my TPD insurance claim was denied?

You aren’t alone, most Australians that try to claim on their own are rejected for their insurance money.
Often the insurance company will attempt to flood applicants in documents or medical appointments until they are overwhelmed.
Our team has experts that specialise in overturning rejected claims. They do this by taking care of the paperwork and using our own panel of medical specialists.
We can help you appeal the rejected claim to get you the money you deserve!

How do I know what super funds had insurance when I stopped work?

With a few details about your work history our team can help you track down your old super funds even if the accounts are now closed! Give one of our New Client Support team a call and they guide you through the easiest way to find your old superannuation funds today.

How long do TPD Claims take?

On average it takes our team 9 – 12 months to complete a claim from the day the initial investigation begins. We work hard to make sure your TPD claim payout is handled as quickly as possible. For people that try to claim without a lawyer, it can take much longer and the odds of rejection are much higher.

Do I need a lawyer for a TPD Claim?

Some Australians are able to successfully claim on their own but most people who claim without expert representation find their TPD claim can take 12 – 18 months and still be rejected

How can the right TPD lawyer help me win my claim?

  • Insurance companies have a reputation for stall tactics and unfairly rejecting valid claims.
  • Our team and panel of TPD laywers are experts at the games these insurance companies play and know how to speed you through the process the easiest ways possible.
  • The big problem is that most people who should qualify for this entitlement, don’t know where to start. Those who do start the process, are often overwhelmed by what needs to be done to win the claim. An experienced TPD lawyer from our panel knows exactly how to keep your claim moving and keep you informed along the way.
Can I claim TPD insurance from more than one superannuation policy?

Did you have more than one superfund open when you had to stop work due to your health? If so, you deserve the insurance money from each superannuation fund.
Some of our clients had 3 or more superfunds when they became too unwell to work and we have helped them get the insurance money from all 3.
Yes, you can claim multiple TPD insurance policies if they were active when you stopped work!

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