Which Health Conditions are eligible for TPD Insurance Claims in Australia

Does it matter what health conditions I have if I want to claim TPD?

No, the specific health conditions don’t make or break your compensation claim. You don’t need to have one of the most common conditions to win your lump sum payout. What matters is that you have medical evidence from health professionals that proves you are unable to do your old job. The TPD process can be intimidating and time consuming. With help from our panel of TPD lawyers, it’s much easier to navigate the insurance company’s requirements and get the tpd benefit you are entitled to.

Did you know? Unlike Centrelink payments, TPD insurance claims don't need a specific condition to win your claim

My health has forced me to stop working. What else can I do?

Your health has to be the top priority once you are no longer able to work. Please explore the available treatments and medications with your doctor and specialists. It’s also important to get the right help when applying for a Disability Support Pension and claiming your permanent disability TPD insurance entitlement. A successful for your insured benefit will result in lump sum tpd payouts.

Can I get help from my superannuation insurance for my health issues?

Superannuation funds in Australia paid for several types of insurance cover while you worked including the TPD benefit. If you are unable to work because of your illness or injury, it’s worth checking what you qualify for!

Income protection insurance can help if you’re unable to work temporarily because of injury or illness. Policies and waiting periods vary between super funds but can provide real help. Claiming this insurance can help ease the stress as you plan your return to work.

Superannuation insurance for Total and Permanent Disability helps people that can’t get back to work permanently. Accessing your entitlement through the TPD Claim process can give you a helpful lump sum payment that’s totally separate form anything you qualify for from Centrelink.

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