TPD Claim Rejected? – Help is available

next steps after tpd claim rejection

What can you do after your TPD claim was rejected?

If your TPD claim was rejected, don’t give up! Review the list of common rejection reasons and learn how to improve your chances when reapplying.

Why do TPD claims get rejected?

TPD claims are a long and involved process. It’s common for TPD claims to be rejected and the reasons given fit into a few categories. 

Common reasons TPD claims are rejected:

Your claim has been disputed

Your insurance is working hard to have your claim rejected, and may go to great lengths to find a reason to dispute your claim

You don’t meet the disability requirements for your policy

The evidence provided might not meet the requirements for what your insurance defines as a disability

You don’t meet the requirements for work history

You may not have worked for the amount of time required to earn TPD insurance

Your policy is no longer active

If your TPD insurance has sat unused for too long, you might not be able to submit your claim

You submitted your claim too late

There are time requirements on when you need to submit your TPD claims 

A majority of these issues can be fixed when resubmitting your claim. This is where Super Claims Assist can help you. Our team can help you figure out why your claim was rejected and what the next steps are to get better results the second time.

How do I make sure my next claim is successful?

It’s a good time to get advice on how to improve your claim.

Each claim is a unique case with specific requirements and different reasons for rejection. Our team can work with you to determine the best way to resubmit so you receive the insurance money you deserve.

Schedule a free phone call with us so we can help you with resubmitting your claim.

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