NDIS Rejection Help

Can you reapply for NDIS after being rejected?

Yes! You can reapply if you can provide additional evidence. NDIS rejection help involves getting better documentation and evidence.

But re-submitting the same documents you provided before won’t get you a better result. So it’s important to get help identifying the right evidence to support your case.

The right evidence of a qualifying disability

Australians with permanent and significant disability should apply for ongoing help through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) from the government.

You need to prove you meet the NDIS requirements to be successful. This means that the documents from your healthcare professionals must show evidence of your disability to show you qualify for NDIS help and TPD entitlement payouts.

Super Claims Assist works with a nationwide panel of healthcare experts who have experience in detailing health issues. Our panel understands what details must be included in supporting evidence to fully document your situation.

Australians denied help by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) often qualify for TPD Claims

Almost all Australian super policies contain Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance. Your super policy was part of your pay while you worked. When you can no longer do your job due to illness or injury, it’s time to claim your TPD insurance lump sum payment.

Claiming TPD entitlements does not affect your eligibility for the NDIS. So both can provide meaningful help to improve your quality of life.

A lump sum payment from your super claim can be a real boost to your quality of life.

Thousands of Australians are applying for the NDIS. If you’ve considered applying for the NDIS you should also check to see if you have a TPD entitlement. It can be tricky to figure out what your entitlement is on your own, that’s why we offer a free phone consultation to talk through your individual situation and confirm eligibility.

Learning more about NDIS Rejection Help

The NDIS site says that there are 4.3 million Australians with disabilities. However funding is only available to support 500 thousand.

This means millions of Australians who really need help will get left out.

At Super Claims Assist, we hear daily from Australians with legitimate health problems who need help after an NDIS rejection.

Claiming your TPD entitlement while applying for the NDIS makes a lot of sense.

More about NDIS help in Australia

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