NDIS Approved? – Claim your TPD insurance Too

I am approved for NDIS help. Can I also claim TPD insurance?

Yes! If you are NDIS approved, don’t ignore your TPD entitlements.

TPD insurance is part of almost all superannuation policies in Australia. Individual policies vary but successful TPD claims result in a lump sum payment that can help with medical costs, car costs, housing costs or other major money worries.

Claiming your TPD insurance entitlement does not affect your NDIS approved status

Your NDIS eligibility depends on meeting the medical criteria. Claiming your TPD lump sum from your super does not affect your NDIS status at all.

Most Australians haven’t heard of TPD insurance because the NDIS gets more attention. Everyone who’s applied for NDIS assistance should check to see if they have a TPD entitlement. We offer a free phone consultation to talk through your individual situation. From this phone call, we can confirm eligibility so you don’t have to dig through your old super paperwork. Our clients tell us that their successful TPD claims have significantly improved their quality of life.

You probably have most of the medical evidence needed to claim TPD insurance money

You’ve already shown enough evidence of a qualifying disability to get NDIS help.

Similar evidence is required to claim TPD entitlement payouts.

Super Claims Assist works with a nationwide panel of healthcare professionals who understand what details must be included in supporting evidence for TPD claims. Since you’ve previously been accepted for NDIS help, our team can help you sort through what additional evidence can support your TPD claim.

Australians receiving help from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) probably qualify for TPD Claims

Our clients regularly tell us how helpful their lump sum insurance money has been. The money doesn’t fix their health issues but the financial peace of mind they gain from being able to put money towards their home, car or medical bills is a really big deal.

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