NDIS Providers – Your patients may have unclaimed TPD insurance

Almost all Australians earned TPD insurance as part of their super policy while working

NDIS providers are helping thousands of Australians who have permanent and significant disabilities. The TPD insurance from their super policy is another way to get help to people who can no longer do their jobs due to illness or injury.

Claiming TPD entitlements does not affect your patients’ eligibility for the NDIS. Your patient earned them as part of their superannuation policy while they worked.

NDIS Providers can further assist their patients by introducing them to TPD insurance claims

Australians already receiving NDIS help as well as those that were denied NDIS support may have unclaimed TPD insurance money. We want to make sure that they aren’t missing out on their TPD entitlement that was paid for while they were working. The types of documentation needed to claim TPD are similar to NDIS applications so some may already be on hand. Super Claims Assist team knows exactly what documentation is needed at every step of the process and will keep track the whole way through so the process gets completed as quickly as possible.

Most Australians haven’t heard of TPD insurance but millions will apply for the NDIS. People who’ve applied successfully and also those that have been rejected for NDIS assistance should check to see if they have a TPD entitlement. It can be tricky to figure out what your entitlement is on your own and that’s why we offer a free phone consultation to talk through each person’s situation and confirm eligibility. Having the right help to navigate the TPD claim process can lead to a much needed lump sum payment and significantly impact quality of life.

Evidence of a qualifying disability is critical

Healthcare professionals are critical to providing evidence of a qualifying disability to be approved for NDIS help and TPD entitlement payouts. Super Claims Assist works with a nationwide panel of healthcare professionals that understand what details must be included in supporting evidence.

If you are interested in joining that panel please contact us. If you are working with a patient and have questions about what to include in their documentation, we’d be happy to have a phone conversation about that as well.

More info about TPD insurance for NDIS providers

Claiming a TPD insurance entitlement involves reviewing their superannuation policy. That policy spells out the requirements for claiming the lump sum payment. Each policy varies but a successful claim of $40,000 to $200,000 can give your client a welcome financial boost. It’s well worth encouraging your patients to check if they they have unclaimed insurance money.

Contact our team to discuss how TPD claims can help your patients.

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