Super Claims in Australia – Claim my Super Insurance

Super claims in Australia can give you access to insurance money from your superannuation if you’ve been forced to stop working because of illness or injury.

Do I have to travel to a capital city to claim superannuation insurance in Australia?

Super Claims in Australia don’t have to involve travel. You can successfully claim your superannuation insurance money from home wherever you are in Australia

Our team understands that making a trip to an office for help with your claim is a major hassle. Many of our clients are dealing with financial hardship after being forced out of work.

Super Claims Assist team can help you through the process entirely by phone. We manage the process for you so nothing gets missed while you can stay safe at home.

Can you help claim my super?

Almost all who’ve worked in Australia earned TPD insurance as part of their superannuation policy while working but too many don’t know that it’s there waiting. Claiming insurance from super funds for TPD and Income Protection insurance can be a major boost to your financial situation if you can’t work anymore.

How do I find out if I can am entitled to insurance from my superannuation fund?

Any insurance from your super contributions is there waiting for you to claim it. Sometimes time limits can apply so it’s best to check your policy as soon as you can. It’s possible you have insurance active in multiple super funds.

The Super Claims Assist team knows exactly what to look for in your superannuation insurance policy. Your super policy is a legal document and the requirements can be confusing or unclear. So getting help makes it much less hassle.

I’ve moved from the state where I used to work.
Can I still claim my super?

Yes, you can claim superannuation in Australia no matter where you currently live. It also doesn’t matter where in Australia you earned the insurance while you worked.

Super Claims Assist helps people in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia find and claim their superannuation insurance payouts.

I lost my super policy, can you help?

I don’t have a copy of my old superannuation policy. What can I do?

Yes! If you’ve lost your super policy, we can help! On a short phone call, we can explain the process of requesting a copy of a superannuation policy in Australia and accessing your super account. We may be able to request a copy of your superannuation on your behalf and the Super Claims Assist team helps people with these requests every week.

Do the rules for super claims in Australia vary by state?

Super insurance policies don’t vary much by state in Australia. Policies do vary based on the insurance company and industry. The insurance was paid for when your employer contributed to your super as part of your pay. The particulars of your policy are important to success and outline your eligibility to claim and entitlements.

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