Win Win Super Claims & Super Claims Assist Partnership

Super Claims Assist is thrilled to announce our partnership with Win Win Super Claims, one of Australia’s premier TPD law firms. Together, we aim to illuminate the little-known fact that many Australians have unclaimed Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance entitlements sitting in their superannuation policies. This insurance, present in about 90% of Australian super policies, offers a safety net for those forced out of work by illness or injury.

Since 2021, Super Claims Assist has stood as a beacon for Australians, making them aware of their rights and entitlements. 

Upon identifying a potential claim, clients are paired with the formidable expertise of Win Win Super Claims. This specialist team will guide you step-by-step, reviewing your super policy, and ensuring you claim every cent of what’s rightfully yours. Did we mention this is all on a no win, no fee basis? 

The process might sound daunting, but with years of experience winning TPD claims, we’ll take the stress off your shoulders.

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