Shine Lawyers & Super Claims Assist Partnership

Super Claims Assist and Shine Lawyers come together in a synergistic collaboration aimed at simplifying TPD insurance for Australians. An overwhelming percentage of super policies in Australia hold a concealed gem – the TPD insurance, which can provide massive relief for those who, due to debilitating health issues, can’t continue their work.

From our foundation in 2021, Super Claims Assist has been helping Australians unveil these hidden lump sum payouts of TPD insurance money. Our promise of a free super insurance check over the phone and the expertise to retrieve old super policy details sets us apart.

After identifying a potential claim we work together with the experts at Shine Lawyers. Known for their comprehensive understanding of TPD nuances, they ensure clients are supported to claim their due entitlements. And with the comfort of a no win, no fee approach, and a cumulative experience of over 25 years in securing TPD claims, clients can be assured of a smooth journey to a payout.

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