DBH Lawyers & Super Claims Assist Partnership

Super Claims Assist proudly collaborates with DBH Lawyers to guide Australians through the complicated process of claiming TPD insurance entitlements. This insurance is a default cover for 90% of Australians with the aim of providing a financial buffer for those rendered unable to work due to medical setbacks.

Since our founding in 2021, Super Claims Assist’s mission has been to spotlight these entitlements and ensure that every Australian knows their rights. We’ve instituted a free super insurance check over the phone and have the capability to unearth details of old super policies that might have been forgotten.

When potential claims are identified, we introduce clients to the seasoned professionals at DBH Lawyers. These expert TPD lawyers meticulously comb through your super policy, making certain you’re apprised of your rights and advocating on your behalf to secure every dollar of your entitlements. All this, while ensuring financial peace of mind with a no win, no fee structure. Our collective experience, spanning over 25 years in TPD claims, ensures a stress-free claiming experience.

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