Arthritis TPD Claims

TPD Insurance policies in Australia included cover for Australians with hip injuries

Arthritis pushes too many Australians out of their jobs.

Arthritis TPD claims can help after the pain, swelling, and stiffness made it too hard to do your job consistently. Many Australians with arthritis are eligible for insurance money from their super policies but most don’t know that it exists or how to claim it.

Can you claim disability for arthritis?

Discuss your situation with people that understand how to get the money you are entitled to.

We can check to see if you have insurance money hidden in your super policy and explore other possible ways to get you help. There is no fee to check your insurance entitlements.

Arthritis TPD Claims can give a financial boost

Arthritis TPD claims from super policies have helped Australians like you get a financial cushion while managing their symptoms and joint pain. Your policy was paid for while you were working as part of your superannuation. Your policy was paid for while you were working as part of your superannuation. 90% of Australians have this insurance hidden inside their super fund. 

The lump sum payment from a successful insurance claim can allow you to get the help you need to improve your quality of life. This financial support can allow you to focus on your health and get the support you need.

Super insurance claims are tough to win on your own

The insurance companies often make it tough to claim and many claims are rejected in Australia. We understand their games and will help you to get your full insurance lump sum payout. With the right help, you may be eligible for a TPD insurance lump sum or Disability Support Pension through Centrelink. It’s possible to qualify for both!

With the right medical evidence and support, you can successfully claim your insurance money. We know all the steps to make the process as quick and simple as possible. All of the required details can be collected on the phone.

Do people with arthritis successfully claim TPD from their super?

Yes! The swollen joints, chronic pain, reduced movement and other symptoms can make it impossible to work in the job you are qualified for. That is the criteria for a successful claim. Successful TPD claims have been won against many different super policies for arthritis. 

Checking your super policy for this insurance can be a nice boost to help you get back on track. Unfortunately, most who try to claim without help are rejected.

How long does it take to claim superannuation TPD insurance for my arthritis?  

When the initial investigation begins on your claim, it takes our team an average of 9-12 months to complete.

Without the help of an expert, the average time it takes to process a claim is 12-18 months. This number considers the common reputation of insurance companies, who often reject valid claims and stall the process.

Two main problems occur when individuals try to submit their claims on their own. First, many don’t know where to begin and often end up never submitting their claim. Second, often many get overwhelmed with the steps needed to win a claim, which leads to a longer process or a rejection. 

Our team are experts at working against the insurance companies’ tactics and can help speed you through the process in the most straightforward way possible. 

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