Long-Covid TPD Claims

TPD Claims for Long-Covid Syndrome

Whilst the world is healing from COVID-19, many people who contracted the disease are still suffering with the onslaught of symptoms past their contagious period. This is called long COVID-syndrome. This condition can include a wide range of on-going health problems. Usually, long-COVID syndrome affects those who had a more severe case of COVID initially. Long-COVID syndrome has recently been linked closely with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an illness which people have claimed TPD for successfully. Read on to find out more around claiming compensation for your on-going illness if you suffer from long COVID-syndrome.

Long-Covid TPD Claim recipient

What symptoms does someone with long-COVID syndrome suffer from?

If you are suffering from long-COVID syndrome, you may experience a range of symptoms which can last weeks and months after your infection. This condition is different from person to person, and severity may be dependent on how severe your initial case of COVID-19 was.

General symptoms which can impact your ability to work can include:

  • Extreme tiredness or fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Heart palpitations
  • ‘Brain Fog’ – difficulty concentrating
  • Mental health side effects from the physical toll

The symptoms could indicate you have organ damage, affecting your heart, kidney or brain due to your severe case of COVID-19. People with severe COVID-19 usually need to be taken care of in a hospital intensive care unit. This can result in post-traumatic stress disorder or a mental health condition triggered by a terrifying event. You can read more on help for psychiatric conditions here.

What options are out there for financial help?

Until now, there has been much uncertainty around long-COVID syndrome and its merit when applying for a TPD claim. Recent headway in research, reported by the ABC, shows that scientists have found a link in the pathology between long-COVID and chronic fatigue syndrome. This research has brought happy news to sufferers of long-COVID syndrome, as it offers hope for the possibility of treatment in further studies.

It also strengthens the claims for long-COVID syndrome to be recognised as a severe illness and compared to the likes of chronic fatigue, which is able to be successfully claimed for TPD insurance.

Super Claims Assist are paving the way for successful long-Covid claims.

Our expert team are currently helping the first of many people suffering from long-COVID claim their entitlements from their superannuation. Since this is a very new condition the world is collectively experiencing together, and we are proud to lead the way in groundbreaking claims to help more people understand their options when it comes to proving long-COVID through medical evidence.

TPD insurance is money paid into your superannuation whilst you are working, and is there if you’ve been forced to stop working because of illness or injury. Don’t suffer alone without financial compensation you are entitled to in your super. Get in touch with our team today!

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