Teachers Claiming Workers Compensation

Teachers claiming workers compensation in Australia

Teachers play a vital role in society and are among our frontline workers in Queensland.

They are exposed to common injuries in the workplace, along with psychiatric injuries which could be a consequence of workplace hazards, bullying or workload. Any or a combination of these lead to teachers claiming workers compensation in Australia. Read on to find out what financial compensation you may be eligible for if you have suffered a workplace injury as a teacher.

Common Injuries for Teachers 

Workplace injuries for teachers can include a range of physical and psychiatric disorders.

Common physical injuries include muscle strains and sprains from standing long hours at the front of a classroom and even having to sometimes work over their lunch break to also monitor students. On the rise are also physical injuries which stem from abuse from students – an article published by Brisbane Times in 2020 details how in 2019, WorkCover accepted 291 assault and occupational violence claims from teachers (1.5 cleans for every 194 school days).

Psychiatric injuries can also be common in teachers. A 2019 ABC article uncovered that eighty percent of teachers have dealt with some form of student or parent bullying in the 12 months leading up to the article being published, with teachers commenting that they felt ‘exhausted by workload’ and ‘powerless’ over students’ behaviour. From this, cases of depression and PTSD have been reported. A diagnosed condition such as this forms a strong WorkCover claim. 

Claiming WorkCover for Teaching Injuries 

Being timely in your WorkCover claim is important for its success. When an injury is first presented, you should seek medical attention and have this injury diagnosed and in writing. You should aim to do this as soon as possible, and have a claim lodged within six months of this date. To ensure a smooth WorkCover process, you should consider hiring professional legal help to assist you with your claim and ensuring all the relevant paperwork and evidence is filed appropriately. Super Claims Assist helps teachers claiming workers compensation on a no-win, no-fee basis, so get in touch today! 

What happens if my claim is successful? 

If your claim is successful, you will be financially covered by payments from WorkCover to help you whilst you recover from your injury or illness. You may also have the means to pursue your legal journey further and look into a ‘negligence claim’, meaning you can sue your workplace for not having a safe work environment. We can discuss these options with you once we assess your claim.

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