Littles Lawyers & Super Claims Assist Partnership

Super Claims Assist is proud to partner with Littles Lawyers in order to empower Australians to discover and claim their TPD insurance entitlements. 

A vast majority of super policies in Australia have hidden TPD insurance provisions to support those impacted by severe illnesses or injuries.

Established in 2021, Super Claims Assist has spearheaded initiatives to educate and assist Australians about these unknown entitlements. With the offer of a free super insurance check over the phone, our diligent team is also equipped to retrieve information on old, forgotten super policies.

When it comes to action, we connect our clients with the impeccable expertise at Littles Lawyers . With their vast knowledge, these experts ensure that clients understand their super policy’s nuances and extract every possible entitlement. 

With the security of a no win, no fee arrangement and backed by over 25 years of experience in TPD claims, we seamlessly navigate the claiming process for you.

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