Help for Australians with carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel and wrist injury symptoms make it tough to hold down a regular job

Getting the right help for Australians with carpal tunnel can make a huge difference. For Australians living with wrist and hand injuries, both financial and quality of life help go a long way to improving your daily situation.

The ongoing pain makes it tough to work consistently and finding the right help to reduce symptoms is an ongoing battle.

When you can’t work, things get tough fast.

Two main types of financial help that Australians with back pain can qualify for are Disability Support Pensions and TPD insurance claims from your super policy.

What financial help is available for Australians with carpal tunnel symptoms?

Disability Support Pensions are a Centrelink program that exists to help Australians who can’t work due to illness or injury. Unfortunately about 70% of all claims are rejected and it can be tough to figure out what your application was missing. The government guidelines are heavy on legal jargon and it can be tough to figure out what to include to make an application successful without experience.

Most Australians also have Total and Permanent Disability insurance through their current or past super policies. It was legally required for superannuation policies in Australia but insurance companies can make it difficult to claim the benefits you are owed.

If you are unsure if you qualify for either or both, it’s worth having a free phone chat with a claim specialist. Book yours today

What are the two main types of financial help available in Australia for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

NDIS & Centrelink

Most Australians know that it’s possible to get financial help for carpal tunnel syndrome through a disability support pension via the NDIS and Centrelink. Most also have heard horror stories about people with carpal tunnel or wrist pain who have their claims rejected. It can be tricky to gather enough evidence to show that you meet the disability requirements

TPD Insurance Claims

Sadly, not enough Australians were told that part of their compensation while working was the TPD insurance in their superannuation policy. It’s not well advertised but it’s a substantial help if illness/injury forces you out of work. The types of evidence needed to claim TPD insurance for wrist injuries are similar to applying for the NDIS but instead of sending it to the government, it is sent to your super insurance company. Super claims are tough to win on your own, most who try to claim are declined. 

Super Claims Assist has helped Australians navigate the process to claim insurance from all Australian super funds. The process can be long and confusing so it’s good to have a free chat to discuss what it takes to win your claim.

What quality of life help is available for Australians with carpal tunnel?

Finding the right help for Australians with carpal tunnel can make a dramatic improvement to quality of life. Treatments and lifestyle changes can help manage symptoms and sometimes surgery can provide significant relief. Dietary help, weight loss and wrist splints may provide some relief. Your doctor can advise if aspirin or ibuprofen may be helpful and if surgery could be appropriate.

Relaxation methods (such as yoga), heat/cold treatments and massage are options to explore. Generally it’s a combination of things that can give some relief and what works well may change over time.

If you are rejected for a disability support pension, please understand that most people who apply are rejected!

Almost 70% of people applying are rejected for Disability Support Pensions (Australian Government Statistics)

It’s really hard to get approval for a disability support pension without help but help is available!

90% of Australians have TPD insurance in their super policies. Don’t miss out on your insurance money if you can no longer work!

With the right help you can claim your TPD lump sum and help get things going in a better direction.

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